MLB Sports Betting with Billy Baseball


Pads Darvish (-115) @ Phils Sanchez.
Pick. Phils.
I am biased. Sanchez has been good. I like the Phillies to win this series. They havent been good at home. Not a ton of analysis, knowing the Pads lineup is nasty. Darvish somehow has been shitty with a 4.87era.

Fish Alcantara @ Balt Kremer (-135).
Pick. Fish.
Sandy still pumps 100 consistently, and has underachieved this year. I’d take him blind most games for the rest of the season even though he’s been bad too. Kremer is ok, not overwhelming. But fish are tough, especially against a softer pitcher in Balt. I disrespect Balt who are 19 games over .500, so do the oddsmakers.

Giants Stripling (-130) @ Bucs Hill.
Pick. Pitt +1.5.
This is a standard line for a good team against a now-not good team irrespective of matchups. Stripling sucks so if you’re fiending to take a team 9-games over against a team 8-under for a low line (basically you’re a chalk bettor) then this one is for you. But not me. 

Dbacks Nelson @ Blue Jays Berrios (-178).
Pick. Jays.
Although we should not sleep on the Dbacks lineup even though we can’t name more than two guys on it just like we shouldn’t sleep on Balt. But Nelson is soft with his +5.00 era and Berrios has been better. Jays are out for blood. Tough pitching in tor. Tor should light up Nelson.

LAD Urias (-115) @ Mets Verlander.
Pick. Urias.
Reflexively I’d say Mets since I’m incredulous they are 6-under and they have JV going. But Urias will likely stymie the Mets (even though Urias has been shitty) and grind out a win since that’s what the Dodgers do.

Brews Burnes (-115) @ Cincy.
Pick. Cincy.
Burnes is good but inconsistent and Ashcraft sucks. But I don’t like the line and Cincy is underrated like Balt and dbacks. Hope here Ashcraft doesn’t implode and Cincy gets some runs off Burnesy to keep it close then win late.

White Sox Kopech @ Braves Morton (-278).
Pick. sox +1.5.
Morton is really good but he’s been throwing a ton of pitches early in games and exiting early. Braves pen is suspect. Kopech is good and can hang in there. The line is smart since the Braves dont lose. But good value.

Red Sox Bello (-135) @ Cubs Hendricks.
Pick. Cubs.
Bello has been excellent. Haven’t followed Hedricks too much this season, now he got lit up recently. On a feel, Cubbies at home.

Indians Civale @ Rangers Gray (-140).
Pick. Indians +1.5.
This will be a close game. Tribe will score runs off Gray. The run should matter in a one run game here.

Tigers Rodriguez @ Mariners Castillo (-190).
Pick. Mariners.
Go with chalk. Mariners clean up against soft teams. ERod hasn piched much. This is smart chalk.

Astros France @ LAA Ohtani (-160).
Pick. Laa. 
In no world should LAA be favored -160 over the Astros, even with Ohtani pitching. But I’m biased so I’d take the Halos.