Mike Tyson vs Tyrell Biggs (PSA) Boxing Ticket “in his prime” Trump Plaza 1987


Mike Tyson vs Tyrell Biggs (PSA) Boxing Ticket Iron Mike “in his prime” Trump Plaza 1987.

ULTRA-RARE Red version ticket, with both boxers photographed on the face of the ticket.

The year was 1987, and nothing and no one can stop heavyweight wrecking machine Mike Tyson. The year before he had blown away Trevor Berbick in two rounds to become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. This historic victory was followed by dominant wins over James “Bonecrusher” Smith, Pinklon Thomas and Tony Tucker.

Once the dust settled from these victories, Tyson stood alone as the king of the big men, no matter what backers of Michael Spinks said to the contrary. Only 21-years-old, a pro fighter for a mere three years, “Kid Dynamite” had laid waste to the division and assumed its throne with such fury that seasoned boxing scribes were hard pressed to make sensible comparisons. He was so dominant there appeared only two kinds of Tyson fights: the ones in which he demolished his opponents in short order, overwhelming them with his aggression and power, and the ones in which his adversaries survived, but in the process lost every round.