Hard Rock Hotel Casino Chips Fourth of July 1998 + 2010 $5 Chips


Embrace the spirit of celebration with these two iconic $5 casino chips from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. These chips symbolize some of the most unforgettable parties held at the Hard Rock, particularly in honor of Independence Day.

The first chip features a captivating image of the Statue of Liberty, representing the enduring symbol of freedom and the pride associated with the Fourth of July festivities. The second chip showcases the founding fathers of the United States, rocking out with a charismatic vibe that blends history and music in a unique way.

Owning these chips allows you to capture the essence of the Hard Rock’s legendary parties and the excitement of celebrating Independence Day in one of the country’s premier entertainment destinations. Don’t miss the chance to add these remarkable and collectible chips to your casino memorabilia collection.